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About Us

My name is Mukesh Sharma a professional Blogger, Entrepreneur. I have completed my BCA, MCA from New Delhi. I started working in Software Company as a Software Engineer.Now, I am a full time Blogger and Entrepreneur. Last 7 years, I continue observing in the society that people have a lack of basic knowledge about health, nutrition, food, lifestyle, the effect of modern medicine. During school time children are taught many subjects. But most of the knowledge is useless in the daily life of human being. But we are not taught about how we can keep our self healthy and happy. People life quality decrease day by day due to lack of knowledge and our near and dears die before the time du to lack of knowledge. Now, I help people to keep their self healthy, happy and make aware them about wrong lifestyle, food, yoga, meditation with the help of Content Marketing & Blogging.

How did I start?

I have started www.educationcraze.com as my dream project to help people to grow their quality of life with my knowledge and learning. I include topics related to Naturopathy and Ayurveda, Meditation and yoga related. I generally focus on the natural method of treatment with the help of seed, nuts, vegetables, fruits, lifestyle change and basic therapy, yoga, meditation. This knowledge is not new for us. This knowledge is very old and given one generation to another generation for better health. By ignoring the rules of nature and blindly believe in modern medicine and surgery. We have lost our health. The only solution is to get more knowledge about health. Only then we can save our self from the danger.