Home Remedies Introduction


Thousands of years in India people using methods of home remedies. These home remedies are given to one generation to another generation. These remedies are very useful and effective and there is no side effect. Our body is made of food and home remedies ingredients are also natural. By using methods of lifestyle change, precautions and simple home remedies, we can bring positive changes to our health. Let’s find out some of the benefits of home remedies and lifestyle changes over the modern medicines or over the counter medicines.

Benefits of Home Remedies

1. Affordable price

Nowadays, medicines reach to us are very costly due to many reasons like manufacture cost, marketing, advertise, transport, distribution etc and these medicines are processed and made in the lab. But herbs, plants, spices, seeds are natural and affordable.

2. Safe to use.

We know what we are eating in home remedies. We clean all the fruits, vegetable, herbs and spices in front of our eyes. We can trust on what we made from our hand. But you have not knowledge about the ingredient and manufacturing process of your medicine bought from the market.

3. Easily available

Spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables are easily available in the kitchen or the local market in fresh condition.

4. Natural

All home remedies ingredients are fresh and natural and our body system recognizes it for a long time. Labs made medicines are processed and it may have side effects on your body.

5. Very low side effects

Modern medicines give positive but also negative effects on our body. Sometimes these medicines kill bad bacteria along with good bacteria of the stomach and long-time use of these medicines may create many side effects on the body. But all home remedies are natural and safe, if we take in fix amount to treat you then there are no problems.