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Mango is very tasty fruit in the summer and it is known as king of fruits. India national fruit is mango. There are so many breeds of mangoes found in different states of India. But do you know that mango, you are buying. Is it good for your health or not?

We must know what we are buying for us.

In this Article, we try to know how you can save from yourself from this danger.

Due to the storm, there are many mangoes fall down from the tree and it is not as much as mature to eat so farmers collect all mangoes and make them ripened before the actual time by the help of Calcium Carbide. It may contain traces of arsenic and phosphorus, both highly toxic to humans, and the use of this chemical for ripening is illegal in most countries. Vendors want to make fast money they also buy and sell these kinds of mangoes. This Calcium Carbide creates lots of heat during that and due to heat mango starts ripping very fast. But due to this mango is not suitable to eat. Calcium Carbide also destroys mangoes natural taste and while we eating we find there is no taste in mangoes and It feels like, we have wasted our hard earn money. This kind of mango also semi–ripe due to this it is hard to digest for your digestive system.

Now we try to what is the solution to this problem.

You should always buy mangoes from the mango’s tree in front of your eyes or from trusted shops. In the right month. Let them ripe them self, not artificially. Perfect ripe mango is good for our health and it is easy to digest for the stomach and also good in taste. If we eat over-ripe or semi-ripe mangoes both are harm full for your health. You should also try to avoid buying mangoes from street hawkers and local market. You can easily identify mango’s yellow and green patches that show that they are artificially ripened mango. The sad part is who have mango tree they themselves use this Calcium Carbide to ripe the mango very fast for their self. But unfortunately, they do not know the harmfulness of the mango.

We must know about the Calcium Carbide and what is real use of this in industry.

We can reduce its effects in very little amount but not permanently. We can keep mango in water for at least 6 hours. We can also identify artificially ripened mango by its taste, colour, smell, the internal structure of the mango, it is not proper red from the internal side. By long time effect of this kind of chemical can cause serious problems in our body like cancer, stomach relates problems, skin problems and many more.

Government of India banned this chemical and destroyed many vendor’s mangoes. But still, we can find chemically ripened fruits in the market. These kinds of mangoes are like poison for the human body.

Nowadays, Instead of Calcium Carbide, Ethylene is used for the ripening agent. It affects the ripening of fruits like Apples, Bananas, Melons, Mango. Some vendors think that Ethylene is costly to use. So they may use Calcium Carbide for more income.

Artificially ripened mangoes can be danger for body. It can cause serious problems in our body like cancer; stomach relates problems, skin problems and many more.

Are you eating toxic mangoes? Tips to save yourself