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Q1. What is constipation?

A1. When the muscles of the colon work slowly and become weak to pass the stool naturally on fix interval then we feel constipation. When more than two days we do not pass the stool then it is a symptom of constipation. We should serious about it and bring the process of bowels movement in its natural state.

Q2 what is the main cause of constipation?

A2 Main cause of constipation as follow.
1) Due to some other diseases like during pregnancy, ulcer, weak intestine.
2) Overeating, eating very fast, without fiber food, more acidic food, cold drinks, white flour, sugar, cake, artificial food, spicy food, deep fried food, tea, coffee, sweet, sugar candies, artificial cold drink, biscuit, bread jam, jelly, chocolate etc.
3) Non – vegetarian food is hard to digest and it has no fiber.
4) Not well cooked food. Either semi cooked or overcooked food. It is hard to digest and cause constipation.
5) Not eating according to weather like ice cream in cold weather.
6) Not chewing food properly.
7) Due to a bad lifestyle.
8) Foods dry in nature.
9) Angriness, tension, sadness, Jealousy etc during eating food can cause constipation.
10) Medicine.
11) A habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.
12) Old Age.
13) Less drinking water.
14) Due to a bad structure of intestine since childhood.

Q3 what can constipation be a sign of?

A3 Infrequent bowel movement, hard to pass, less stool pass, taking medicine for passing stool. These all symptoms of constipation. Stool should be passed once in around 20 hours.

Q4 Can constipation be dangerous or serious problem?

A4 Constipation can be dangerous and can cause many other diseases, if it is ignored for a long time. If you feel constipation then we need to bring many changes in our life. In Modern time it is understood normal problem and does not take it as a serious problem. Generally people taking different type of medicines during constipation and do not bring any change in their daily life, we may get instant relief by medicine but it is not a permanent cure of constipation. Regular taking medicine can weak our intestine and it loses its natural habit of passing stool and other digestive problems can occur. So we need to bring the necessary changes in our life. Bring a natural life style and changes our bad habits.

Q5 How do you get rid of constipation naturally or Can constipation be cured?

A5 Yes, constipation can be curable.
Relief from Constipation.

1) Spinach: It can be taken in the form of soup. It gives relief from constipation.
2) Salad: Add Salad in your diet like radish, cucumber in your diet it is high in fiber and water.
3) Guavas are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Therefore, eating guavas help healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation.
4) Mix lemon in warm water and drink it at night.
5) Mix half spoon of fennel seeds with warm water.

Yoga and pranayama for constipation:- Paschimottanasana, dhanurasana, chakrasana, pawanmuktasana, salabhasana, sarvangasana, halasan, udyanbandh, anulom vilom pranayama.

Keeping good habits in life also very helpful to relief from constipation. Early in the morning we need to drink 2 to 3 glass of warm water daily. Do not force while passing the stool, this process should be naturally. Avoid the food that causes constipation. Eat and drink according to weather and time. Chew properly food, do not over eat. Add green leafy vegetables and salad in your diet.

Constipation: Cause, Symptoms, Natural Treatment.