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Q1. What is gas in the human body?
A1. Gas is important in our body to do many tasks. Gas is present in our body in a balanced state. It helps us to move things in our body. If it is not in balance then we have to face many problems in our body. Extra gas goes outside through mouth or anus. Gas also observed by our digestive track.

Q2. What is the main cause of Gas or Gas pain?
A2. The reason for gas in the body can be different human to human.
1) Overuse of drugs => If you overuse of drugs or more quantity of drugs at the same time either Ayurvedic or Allopathy.
2) Chewing food => If you do not chew your food properly then mouth saliva does not mix with food properly and stomach has no teeth as we know so food stays in digestion track for a long time and fermented process created and it cause of gas in the body.
3) Over Eating => over eating food can cause gas in the stomach.
4) Eating Food fast.
5) Working immediately after eating food can cause gas.
6) Awake late at night.
7) Overuse of fried, spices, preservative dinks, refrigerator or cold food.
8) The wrong combination of food like milk and meat.
9) Due to any disease.
10) Eating late at night.
11) Due to alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee, cold drink, chocolate, biscuit, caffeine drinks, candy.
12) Eating in a high amount of fat and protein is hard to digest and goes into the fermented process and create gas.
13) Wrong way of drinking water. We should take water after 40 minutes of having food and drink water before half an hour of taking food.
14) Due to the wrong lifestyle, eating habits, drugs, the body’s internal organs become weak and unable to observe extra gas and create a gas problem.
15) Speaking while eating in this habit we inhale more air in the body and cause gas.
16) Sitting a long time, Lack of exercise, physical activity and yoga also cause a gas problem.
17) Overcooked food, semi-cooked food stale food, rotten fruits and vegetable, packed food also cause gas.

Q3 what are the main symptoms of gas and gas pain?
A3 During access gas we can feel pain and discomfort in many reasons of the body. If the gas problem is increased then it may be a reason for other diseases in the body. It can cause pain in the knees and back side of the shoulder.
1) Access gas passing through mouth and anus.
2) Feeling heartburn when access gas comes in food pipe (oesophagus).
3) Increasing breath.
4) Pain in the lower back.
5) Gas filled in stomach and feeling heaviness and bloating.
6) Trapped gas creates pain any reason in the stomach.
7) Your abdomen may grumble or growl.

Q4. How do you relieve from gas or gas pain?
A4. During the gas problem, we need to treat the whole body and need bad habits to change. We need to change our lifestyle and eating habits, exercise and not taking more stress, Eating food in a calm environment, while eating food our focus should be on food its taste and smell. If we do not bring any changes in our life and only taking medicine then we get temporary relief but not a permanent solution. It is true that bring new habits in life is very hard, but it is a demand of time. Educating yourself is important in a gas problem and brings changes. It is also true that there is no permanent medicine in Allopathy treatment. Taking a different type of powder to relieve gas is an only temporary basis. But it is not a permanent solution.
Firstly, we need to avoid all the cause of the formation of gas in our stomach. We need body detoxification. We need to make digestion organs strong. Solving constipation also helps to clean stomach gas problem and there is no fermentation process in the stomach then there is no gas problem. So we should take such food that helps in cleaning the stomach on a regular basis.
1) Carrot is very helpful in gas reducing. You can take Carrot with Black Salt and Black Pepper after taking a meal.
2) 5-gram carom seeds (Ajwain) and 2-gram black salt helps in reducing gas formation.
3) Detoxification also helps to clean the digestion system. So take guidance for detoxification from good naturopathy doctor.
4) We can take 2 minutes hot and 3 minutes of cold water therapy on the stomach.
5) As soon as you wake up, start your day with two glasses of warm water. We can also mix lemon and honey and drink but it depends on your body type, what suits you.

Good habits

1) Eat always 1/3 of your stomach keep space for digestion.
2) Always eat the right combination of food.
3) Do not eat food made of white flour, Sugar, fried and spicy food etc.
4) Do Yoga, Pranayam, meditation on a regular basis.