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Staring Face of Eating Medicine.

Nowadays drug side effects become common. Many people suffering from the side effect of different types of medicine in the market. Due to the side effect of medicine people are bound to live a poor quality of life. There are many kinds of side effects of medicine on the human body but some of the common side effects are liver toxicity, kidney toxicity, loss weight or Digestion, Constipation, Hair getting white and hair fall, high blood presser or low blood presser, constipation, nausea, pain in stomach, diarrhoea, Hyper Acidity, Skin infection etc.

In staring when our immunity is strong there is very less chance of side effect on your body. Due to regular eating medicine affects our immune system gradually. For example we regular taking medicine for Acid Re-fluxes it affects our HCL production in our stomach. If we do not make any changes in our lifestyle and continue taking this medicine then it affects badly on HCL production in our stomach and makes week our digestive fire. Due to this, we have to face digestion problems. It affects your other organs of the body.

Country Environment and Indian Healing Traditions.

According to weather your body working mechanism also changes. Day and night also make changes in your body. Weather and Sun have different effects on the area of the earth. So India is rich in herbs and plants spices and natural resources. Ayurveda and Naturopathy and more other types of healing method used in India.

Allopathy medicine creates more heat in the human body. It may be good medicine where there are no herbs and plants in more quantity due to geographical reason. But in India ancestor and still now many people use Ayurveda and Naturopathy to heal them self. Ayurveda and Naturopathy have less chance to get side effect than Allopathy and Allopathy is believed to create more heat in the body especially for those people who live in hot weather countries like India. In many diseases like cold, cough, heartburn, headache, loose motion. We immediately take Allopathy medicine. But you have home remedies to heal yourself. From your kitchen, you can find herbs and spices to heal yourself. This method is easy and very less cost. In headache condition, Allopathy medicine only cut the signal of pain from your organ to mind and not treat the main cause of the problem. It gives only relax for some time. Changing in lifestyle and life according to Ayurveda help in a live healthy life. When you take Allopathy medicine then we need to live carefully and we should know about the side effect of medicine and proper way of taking medicine and if we are taking two medicine at same time then we must know, can we take both at the same time or not, If we feel any symptoms of side effect then immediately we should stop taking medicine and consult to the doctor. We should also aware of the name of medicine written on the prescription, Expiry date on the medicine. Are we getting the right medicine or not? Over the counter medicine is also harm full for us because we can buy it without prescription. Which may cause further complex in our body knowing or unknowing it may harm in future. We must educate ourselves first and take professional advice to do anything.

Blindly believe in doctor and drugs.

We should not blindly believe in doctor and drugs nowadays. We should live carefully and ask the question to the doctor and we should also know about the medicine and its good and bad effect on the body and the amount of drug taken at any one time and the duration.

Nowadays Human Mentality.

Nowadays in starting face of any problem in body people think that whatever they are feeling it may be a very big disease and lack of education they may take the wrong steps in their life. They need to talk about their problem with their parents or and family members. If they take any medicine and they do not talk about their problems in the family. It may create problems. Our elders may pass through these condition in past and they guide us in a better way.

Long time use of medicine on the body.

If we use medicine for a long time then it weakens our immune system and weakens our digestion system and due to weak digestion system our other body organs also effects. One stage comes when medicine does not make any effect on the body due to weak digestion and It may create a negative effect on our body. Due to long-time medicine taking our body is filled with toxins. Our important organs and their function become weak. Then we are compelled to live a poor quality life and it may become more dangerous.

Human Body Vs Disease.

According to Naturopathy

Those animal live natural life in the forest, they live full duration of their life. Their body organs live perfectly, for example, human eyes get weeks according to the time but animal eyes never get weak. Does nature give human weak eyes? Have you listen that any bird get overweight or they overeat they live according to nature and live a long life.

Due to our bad lifestyle or from any other reasons our body filled with toxin it affects our immune system and then body try to heal itself due to this by the use of disease body try to heal itself. By the use of the natural method, the body should be detoxified by the different technique in Naturopathy and again the body organs should be strong enough to fight with any outside cause of disease. So we should make our body organs strong and our immune system strong so they can fight with any external or internal imbalance in the body.

Human body problems like loose motion and cold and other body problem generally help to clean our body and detoxify our body. And we take medicine to stop these systems and the body process for detoxification is not completed properly. It may create more problems in our body.

How to Manage Common Drug Side Effects?