Let the Nature Heals You

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1) Sleeping

Sleeping for 6 to 9 hours is very important. Getting full rest to mind and body is very important. Quality lifestyle decrease if we do not take proper sleep and it also affects your digestion system and other body parts like your eyes.

2) Yoga, Excurses, Regular Walking

Regular yoga, breathing excurses, body stretch walking is also important for your health. We should do yoga in morning during the sun presence. In this way we also get sunbath which is also good for your body. During the Pranayam we can breathe fresh air.

3) Fasting

Resting our digestive system helps to improve its digestive power. As human our digestive system also needs rest at particular interval. We can take fruits or vegetable juice, vegetable soup during fast. When we keep fast then body spend its energy on detoxify the body rather than spending its energy in digestion food.

4) Pollution

As we know there are many different kind of pollution in the world like Air pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil contamination, Plastic Pollution, Light Pollution etc. These kinds of pollutions affect the environment very badly and directly or indirectly it affects our immune system very badly.

5) Drinking Alcohol

Long-term alcohol use interferes with remove harmful substances from your body. It also increases your risk for chronic liver inflammation and liver disease. Ability of removing toxic substances from your body affects the immune system.

6) Medicine side effect

Long term medicine use affects digestive system and brain. We should live natural life and use natural method of treatment of body as much as possible.

7) Follow the Natural Life Style

If we do not live life according to nature rules then it harms our immune system. 1) Do not eat wrong combination of food. 2) Eating food according to weather and time. 3) Do not eating food at late night.

8) Connect with Nature

We should go to park, garden, river, lake and fountain or some natural place. We should go to park every morning and walk on grass without shoes and take sunbath.

9) Be Happy

We should smile every morning while walking in park and laugh at whatever work we do after an hour. Take deep breath, do little body stretching exercise while sitting at chair. It become very serious in life then it harms our immune system and personal life and social life.

10) Proper diet.

Diet is an important part of your life so you should not underestimate it. You should always keep eyes on your eating habits. You should eat food according to your body type and follow the rules regulation of nature. Eat organic food, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits always.

11) Mediation

Meditation brings your attention in present moment and bring your breath light make you feel relax and calm. You should do meditation on regular basis. You should take class for meditation and learn the technique of going in meditation and then practice it at home. Yoga along with meditation is good combination in morning time.

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